SEO Agency – Search Engine Optimization

SEO Agency – Search Engine Optimization

Why should you look for an SEO Agency?

SEO – Search engine optimization – is an essential marketing channel for any business willing to reach an online audience. Improving visibility on search engines like Google has a real business impact, such as lead generation and client loyalty.

In a digital world in which the target audience is no longer exclusively on traditional channels, companies feel the need to achieve an online visibility, so they turn to digital marketing agencies for this specialized service.
This is when we bring our experience to help your business achieve its goals. If your company wants to reach a local, national or even international relevance, we can help.

Our SEO agency expertises

Our multidisciplinary team includes several SEO consultants with a large experience in SEO positioning. They are able to define and execute your marketing strategy and help you achieve your goals.

Analysis of website positioning in search engines

We start with an initial configuration of your site at all levels; from the most basic to the most critical aspects. We also analyze your competitors and propose the most relevant keywords to better position your site.

SEO on Page

After the initial configuration, our SEO specialists implement changes proposed. We make search engines fully understand what your website is and reward it by placing it at the top. Then we perform monitoring to ensure your website SEO quality.

Link building Strategy – SEO off Page

In addition to SEO improvements, we focus on finding quality links that lead to your website. We plan a solid strategy that allows us to create and control all links, in addition to reporting those that negatively affect your site.

SEO strategy tracking results

All actions must be measured. This is the only way to know if SEO strategy is working. We analyze results in order to adapt the strategy and define actions that will help improving the positioning of your website.

How do we do Linkbuilding?

It is very common to see companies looking for a SEO agency in order to buy link packages. However we do not work like that, as it is not safe or ethical. We have a specialized team to create quality links, in a personalized and natural way. Below you can check how we do it and what value it brings to your project.

Link audit

Each link creation work starts after an audit regarding external links within your website. We search for toxic links, checking other websites pointing to yours and finding opportunities to generate qualified links that look as natural as possible. We also look for suspicious patterns that could lead to penalties on Google.

Analysis of your links

We perform an exhaustive analysis of all the links that point to your website, determining their real values, quality and naturality. We take into account the anchor texts, the variety of domains and its IPs, the websites themes, the landing pages, the links location and the traffic they generate, as well as the type of links included on your website.

Content creation

To make the best out of each link, we previously write all the content in which we will place them. We adapt the information according to the editorial, the audience and the semantics of the platforms we will publish on. Always ensuring that the link is the most visible and useful to achieve the desired traffic.

Link publishing and monitoring

After the client’s approval, we send the articles to the chosen websites throughout the month. The link acquisition speed must be constant, but not progressive. Remember: it is about emulating a natural situation to avoid penalties, so we never follow patterns or repeat publishing platforms for the same client.

We monitor each link and its impact on the keywords positioning. Then we prepare a report so that you can easily track their evolution.

How do we do an SEO audit?

Our SEO consultants plan and execute optimization strategies based on facts, results and best SEO practices. If you think something is wrong on your website and you do not get the visibility you expect, with a SEO audit you will know why and find how to solve this problem.

Full website analysis

We carry out a complete SEO audit through automatic systems and manual review of each URL. We analyze resources and technologies that negatively affect the positioning of your website. Also, we analyze the architecture, URL structure, meta data, structured data markup, content, link profile, internal link… basically EVERYTHING.

Initial diagnosis

We prepare a complete report with the website overview, in which we highlight main aspects to be improved, indications to avoid algorithmic penalties and a guide of good practices to optimize current and new content.

Task prioritization

After searching, we divide each one of the blocks that require corrections based on Google’s guidelines. We prioritize individual analysis and create an improvement proposal based on the short-term impact, on the business goals and on the speed of implementation. Then we prepare an inventory of all URLs to fix and an action plan.

We are SEO experts

Our SEO specialists are always up to date with changes in Google algorithm, so we prioritize the most relevant changes to avoid penalties to your website.

If you want your business to show up on Google’s first page, let’s talk.