Digital Marketing Strategy

What is a digital marketing strategy?

According to Hubspot, a digital marketing strategy is a set of actions that help you achieve your company’s goals through carefully selected online channels, like social media, ppc campaigns, seo and many more. These channels can include different types of media.

How does a digital strategy achieve marketing and business goals?

The main determining factor is the goals and objectives of your company as it will determine which way the strategy should go, making it unique for your business.

Typically, a digital strategy should include:

  • Current situation for your business and marketing efforts,
  • Previous performance,
  • Your objectives and goals,
  • Definition of target audience,
  • Your competitors,
  • Elaboration of the digital marketing plan,
  • KPIs,
  • Requirements to fulfill the strategy,
  • Implementation deadline,
  • Definition of the actions to be implemented.

After defining and implementing the strategy, it is necessary to carry out checkpoints of the strategy’s performance, actions and general plan.

We work with marketing professionals and company directors to help define a strategy focused on obtaining results for your company. We give a new view of online channels so that your company can grow online.

For this purpose, it is important that we know your company’s business model and processes so that we can help you make decisions about marketing actions. That’s why we take a consultative approach to